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A Hybrid system always refer to a machine involve a number of welding systems and some times incorporate with different welding technologies. One of our classic example is the following.
Just think of a door panel that require to weld 50 spots with different patterns and rims. From that, 8 spots are incline to flat surfaces at different angles.
Customer require a High production rate but at the same time they also require to have a lower cost. In this case, a Combination of “ Multi-spot welder plus a Multi-head welding system” is selected.



Dimension of machine : 2.5 M X 2.5 M X 1.8 M ( wide)
Cycle time : 100 second



Rear view of the machine



A separate electrical Cabinet selected for easy handling.

Machine is built in two stations. Station A ( Front) is a multi-spot robot type welding system and Station B ( rear ) is a combination of 10 sets of 35KHz welding heads at different welding angles. Only 4 pieces of Ultrasonic Generators is used.



Front view showing at entrance.
A large slide table is built for the transfer of welded part from one station to another and deliver to front edge after welding completed.



Picture showing the complicity of sonic welding heads both at verticals and horizontals.
These are built to be Cassette type that, the whole stack can be removed and installed in new one within 2 minutes whenever change models required.



Another view showing the composition horns And the attached cooling devices.



Same as above looking from  another end.



Holding and compression devices with the locker unit.

There are many good machines we did in the past years.
To view it, please contact CHANGO !





ADD: No.13,14,15,Building C, Xinhe Industrial zone, No.162 Zhen'an East Road,
Xiaobian Community Chang'An Town Dongguan City,Guangdong province. P.R CHINA

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