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Some of our Dashboard and similar Welders

Dashboard Case 1:

The welding of Dashboard elements mostly done with ultrasonic in the form of staking, spot welding or swaging.  In some case we would combine with heat sealing. Especially for very complicated part,. Sometimes We’ll suggest our Customer to use two stages Welder or two position Welding station linked with large slide platform.


On the left is one of our recent success.

This Dashboard need to be welded 68 areas at different incline surface and patterns. Welding shall be done in two stages. Stage one to be done by Robot type system and 2nd stage to be done by fixed heads system. A slide platform is installed for the purpose of transposition.
Robot welding system :
Dual robot welding heads with 3D travel control
Welding spots : Selectable and multiple ( ideally unlimited).
Function :  Automatic horns exchange ( 2 pieces on each side) and is rotatable. Relative sensor installed to confirm an accurate position.
Fix Heads system : It contains 20 pieces of 35KHz acoustic welding unit in a stack. Heads each having different welding directions and individual welding parameters.
The whole stack is removable and designed to be “Plug-in type” for easy exchange. With tooling and a trolley, the stack ( can be weight to 1 ton ) can be removed and be installed a new one in 60 seconds by one man.
Ultrasonic Generator : 35KHz 1200 Watt with Energy Mode and Quality Control function.
Safety : Light curtain & Emergency Stop.


Nest / fixtures : With Product Kind identity function to confirm with
the selected welding program on typical product.
There are 6 key mounting spots to fix the Dashboard before welding. Each position own a Sensor to confirm a right element is available and locked.
Rapid nesting exchange : Plug-in type both in electrical and
mechanical.. Nest will be positioned and locked in a second.

The system will be controlled by PLC through a Touch screen controller. A friendly operational manual written both in Chinese and in English available.
The Touch screen could be lifted to higher position to enlarge the operation area..
Finish goods will be automatically lift up soon after welding completed for easy removable.
Cycle time : 100 seconds
Overall dimension : 3 Meter X 2.5 Meter X 3.1 Meter

Flexible design : To change to another model, all you need is to change the upper stack and nest stacks.

A close look on the Dashboard showing it’s complexity and part of the nest.


Dashboard Case 2:

This is another example of robot type welder with Automatic horn exchange function.
The welding process require to stack up three pieces together therefore the weld have to be done in two steps, one after another. There are totally 114 welding spots.

The welder is equipped with two robot welding heads and each has 4 sets of Acoustic unit with different welding patterns. Automatic  acoustic unit  exchange required.

A sliding platform is built to transfer welded parts to front side for easy removal.

This is also a Flexible design and the machine can reset to work for other similar products.
Detect sensor, Fixture identity,
Dimension : 3.15 M x 1.6 M X 2 M    Cycle time : 6 minutes / piece.
This is an extend length Model (XYZ-L Series)


Dashboard Case 3:

Dashboard Case

This is an example of Welding machine for Console Box.
There are 31 spots need to be welded.

A complex highly concentrated horn sets ( total 16 sets) together with clamping elements and cooling pipes are put into a small area.

This will require a highly precision planning on parts allocation as well as that of electrical wirings.

Manual load and unload welded parts.
Welding cycle : 10 seconds.

 Dashboard Case

A close look on Horns and clamping elements.


There are lot more examples that can be suitable and fulfil your requirement.
Contact CHANGO for further details. 
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