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Chango’s Professional Service:

Commercial : We’ll like to offer our best solutions to any application regarding to Plastic welding and full fill the following conditions ;
Customer Oriented, To satisfy every requirements of customer
The machine will be economy and practical.
Promising schedules and machine delivery.
In line services ( Modeling, delivery & relatives) giving you a guarantee on Pilot-run ( Pre-production).

F&A Technical problems

A common problem exist in Ultrasonic manufacture industry is “ Inconsistence welding result”, In order to overcome such problem, it is better to understand the basic technology and relative factors ;
1. The physical performance of Welding machine ( Power, Frequency, Pressure and internal electrical functions)
2. The physical performance of Horn relate to produce’s nature.
3. Appearance of part and joint design.
4. Consistency of Welding parts in the area of Shape, Thickness and factor of deflection.
5. The injection condition of plastic product and its storage duration.
6. Room conditions ( temperature and humidity ) of workshop in compare with last set-up period.

Above mentioned factors all influence the machine parameter setting, suitable configuration could attain best effect. A skillful engineer will eliminate those irrational factors according to the welding result, adjust each parameter so as to achieve the fast and prompt production.

Our Customers will receive a free High Technical after-sale service as well as Welding consultation from time to time.
As we already stepping up to higher and higher technical level, Under the period of warranty, We already achieve to a Trouble-free condition in most of our equipment ( machine ) sold.

Other problems and solutions:

Inconsistence Welding result : Pressure is too low, Horn travel too short, Low amplitude, Welding time inadequate.
Contact surface is melted but strength is weak : The method is same as above but, also can increase cooling time and Energy Directors.
Welding strength is OK but marks appeared on surface : To avoid it, you can place a sheet of thin PE cloth in between Horn and part during welding or , increase welding pressure and decrease welding time at the same time.

The following technical leaflet is available and free upon request. We’ll be happy to offer further explain to our Customers.
The principle of ultrasonic
The applications of ultrasonic welding
The selection of Different frequencies VS different Resins.
New developed welding mode and its application

Energy Mode

2-Step Pressure Mode
2-step & Multi-Step amplitude variable mode
A standard ultrasonic welding machine which could be adapt to big and small product.
The Welding of resins : Same material and different material combination.
The Welding of different material combination.
Practical Joint design
. Why a Dynamic triggering device is needed ?
There new concept and developments in machines, please contact our Sales representative for details.

We are qualified to provide, Engineering design, rapid trouble-shooting, as well as to prompt support in production. Please feel free to contact us ( 769 – 8549 7288 ) for details.