Ultrasonic welding equipment repair and ultrasonic cleaning machine
Ultrasonic equipment is in use process, inevitably generator fault. A number of reputable manufacturers, warranty period in a year, will do a good job in a timely customer service work. Sometimes in order to emergency or already over warranty period, ultrasonic fault has occurred, please contact us directly repair: we can offer you repair services are as follows:

Repair of ultrasonic cleaning machine full set of service / repair of ultrasonic plastic welding machine and welding equipment of old machine modification, update the vibration plate

In 1, replacing the ultrasonic vibrator, replacement of heating plate

2, repair the ultrasonic generator in insurance, a field effect tube, two pipe, plate, frequency board.

3 compressor system, repair, repair washing machines.

4, repair air-conditioning system, manipulator and the chain, vacuum device repair, repair recovery machine, slow pulling lifting mechanism

5, plastic welding a full set of services ( electric box, transducer, horn, welding die debugging etc. )

Ultrasonic cleaning machine maintenance

1, is prohibited from ultrasonic control cabinet top air inlet splashing into the conducting liquid ( such as water ). Otherwise to the cleaning machine and the circuit system causes serious damage.

2, keep the machine clean, turn off the power when not in use.

3, to avoid the collision or pounding machine.

4, keep away from heat.

In 5, the machine should be avoided in the wet storage.

In 6, the machine may not work more than 4 hours of continuous work, such as a long time: ultrasonic rotary knob to " 0 " position, and allows the cooling fan continues to work, in the ultrasonic cleaning is not actuated under ultrasonic control cabinet for at least 2 minutes of continuous cooling.

In 7, after long time operation of the washing machine, the down before should first be power knob to the zero position, use the fan to work for 3-6 minutes after the shutdown, so as to ensure the internal heat dissipation power.

In 8, the cleaning liquid should be timely precipitation, filtration or replacement, to ensure the cleaning effect.

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