The ultrasonic sensing technology

Ultrasonic sensor is the use of ultrasonic waves from the characteristics of the development of sensor. Ultrasonic is a kind of vibration frequency is higher than the acoustic mechanical wave, by transducing chip in voltage excited by vibration is generated, it has a high frequency, short wavelength, the diffraction are small, especially the good direction, can be a ray and directional propagation characteristics. The ultrasonic wave to the liquid, solid penetrating power is very great, especially in the sun not transparent solid, it may penetrate tens of meters in depth. Ultrasonic encountered impurities or interface will have a significant reflection reflection echo, meeting activity objects can produce Doppler effect. Therefore, ultrasonic testing is widely used in industry, national defense, biomedicine etc..

Intelligent building energy-saving lamp is mainly the use of teaching robot controller in the device ( NXT ) light sensor for measuring light value, use of the teaching robot controller in the device ( NXT ) ultrasonic sensor, measuring range are larger objects in mobile, as in a cloudy and the object is moved, the controller can measure to the light value, while the corridor lamp brightness in a certain range ( with light ) automatically adjust, change; Krishna, controller with light value changes, the corridor lamp automatic brightness in another scope change. It can bring the power consumption to a minimum. This is the use of ultrasonic detection technology, must produce waves and for receiving ultrasonic. The function of the device is an ultrasonic sensor, traditionally known as ultrasonic transducers, or ultrasonic probe.

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