Textile industry revolutionary technology -- ultrasonic heating technique

The textile industry is facing the historical opportunity:

On the whole, the trend is firm in hasten rises. Because look from domestic situation, China's textile industry will have great development prospects. First of all, along with the people living standard from subsistence to a well-off stride, the demand for textile products from warm to the pursuit of fashion and personality mainly. Our country of this century end to the overall quality of the national economy and comprehensive national strength to a new level, people life reachs comparatively well-off level, the number of textile, variety, grade and quality demand is higher and higher, the textile industry must quicken reform pace, build quick response mechanism, so that the textile goods is finished, supporting, fashion and personalized. Secondly, with the modernization pace accelerate, home decoration, the industry uses textile supply and demand contradiction to will be highlighted increasingly, it will inevitably require decorative, industrial textiles reform speed much faster than in any previous period. Once again, China's population accounts for 1 of the world population / 5, textiles in a quite long period must be based on the domestic market, especially the rural. At present our country farmer standard of living rise, rural market huge potential demand for clothing. At the same time, our country still has the labor and resources advantages, for China's textile industry development provides favorable external environment.

From the point of international environment, the world's textile production and supply center in East Asia has. The last forestall world textile exports of western developed countries has become the main market of textiles. As of the United States of America almost all textile imports are required. World textile trade rapidly to the finished product, high quality, fashionable change, thereby changing the international textile market.

New humidifying technology in textile industry:

The textile industry is our country's important traditional industry, the obtain employment population of over 15000000. Its matching of raw materials cultivation, production and processing of related population of more than 1 hundred million, in social employment, economic growth and export volume occupies a very important position. In 2004 our country textile industry total production value achieves 2640000000000 yuan, of which exports reached US $97400000000, accounting for 1/5 of the world, China has fully deserve to become world spin big country of the first.

Enter after 2005, as a result of the abolishment of the textile quota, the textile industry in post quota era. For the majority of textile enterprises is both an opportunity and challenge. Ought to see, the world textile and garment industry overcapacity, profit is very small, in the face of the cancellation of quota and world economy growth is lack of power situation, but also by the developed and developing countries squeezed, many of our textile enterprises will face the age of meager profit. Furthermore, because the energy power tension, causing businesses, even thus have to cancel the order. Therefore, to improve labor productivity, improve product quality, reduce waste and save energy, become numerous textile enterprises to reduce costs is an important way. Practice has proved, the scientific use of good air conditions can effectively achieve the above goals.

Air temperature, humidity, flow velocity, dust concentration and the freshness of air condition is the five fundamental form. They and the production conditions, efficiency, technology, product quality and human health are closely related. The effect of humidity of air environmental quality are important factors, the relative humidity of the air on the environment in the size or influence. Study found that the humidity is an air cleanliness, product durability, thus affecting the product quality, work efficiency, human health and comfort are the main factors, sometimes also can be a decisive factor. In view of the above situation, long-term textile enterprises to use many methods to improve the relative humidity of the air, in order to achieve the required for the production of the best environment. From the early water drenching, later air humidification, now and then to the industrial humidification humidification, numerous new technology emerge in an endless stream, for textile and apparel science and modern production played a decisive role. In many of the humidification mode, ultrasonic humidification technology as one of today's most advanced humidification technology, its main features are: flexible control, humidification efficiency and energy saving.

Textile industry humidification equipment should have the functions as follows:

Unit 1, wet strength;

2, uniform humidification, produced water in small particles;

3, flexible control, and can realize the precise control of;

4, water saving, electricity saving.

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