Seamless laser plastics welding technology

By the optical oscillator and oscillator cavity mirror placed on the ends of the medium. Medium stimulated by high energy state, begin to produce light and in phase with the mirror is reflected back and forth between two ends, forming a string tie effect, light amplification, and obtain sufficient energy and begins to emit laser. The laser can be interpreted into electrical energy, chemical energy, heat energy, light energy or nuclear energy and other raw energy into certain optical frequency ( ultraviolet, visible light or infrared light beam of electromagnetic radiation is a kind of equipment.

Haier introduced in the domestic market of the industry 's first use of laser seamless welding technology in the production of washing machine -- uniform power washing machine. Laser welding technology application. Currently on the market of the inner drum of the automatic washing machine manufacturing technology mostly adopts the " buckle " technology, inside the barrel of the joint will be gaps or uneven, resulting in a barrel body strength is not high, the clothes from unnecessary wear. In order to improve the reliability and precision of the inner barrel, Haier washing machine with auto, shipbuilding industry to refer to female parent, the laser seamless welding technology application in uniform power washing machine products, to avoid the inner barrel cracks and uneven, to improve the reliability of products at the same time more care of clothes. As the inner barrel strength enhancement, uniform power washing machine dehydration process in the highest speed than ordinary full automatic washing machine was improved by 25%, dehydration efficiency increased dramatically, and less power consumption, when the province. It is reported, laser seamless welding technology is widely used in automobile, ship, aircraft, high-speed rail and other high precision manufacturing field.

Laser hybrid welding technology has significant advantages. For hybrid laser, advantages are mainly embodied in: greater penetration / larger gap welding; weld metal toughness better, by adding auxiliary materials to weld lattice organization influence; no burn when the back of weld drooping phenomenon; a wider application range; with the help of Yu Ji light instead of technology investment less. For the laser MIG inert gas mixture, the advantages are mainly embodied in: high speed welding; welding depth; the welding; weld high strength; weld width weld protruding small small. Which makes the whole system production process stability, equipment availability is good; weld preparation work and welding seam welding production processing workload is small; short time, low cost, high production efficiency; has good optical device configuration properties.


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