Plastic welding methods

Plastic welding in a variety of ways, for engaging in technology may know several, but we would not know the procurement of plastic welding is in several ways, today to give you a brief introduction about plastic welding in a variety of ways and applicable range of these knowledge, hope to help you.

1, hot plate welding method

Principle: the metal hot plate directly on the plastic welding heating surface, up to a certain point, hot plate exit, then on two pieces of plastic to exert a certain pressure, reaches the welding ends.

Application : for PE, PP, nylon, ABS thermoplastic plastic workpiece materials, such as lights, water tank, balancing ring for washing machine, spraying barrel.

2, rotary welding mode

Principle: the motor rotating speed so that the plastic parts friction generated by high temperature, plastic workpiece contacting surface melting, then by external pressure, driving to make the upper and lower workpiece solidified as a whole, to become permanent binding.

Application: home reverse osmosis filter ( filter, industrial filter, pharmaceutical filter, active carbon filter ... ... ), plastic cup ( cup double, beer cups, cups, vases, containers ... ... ), gardening supplies ( water spray head, mist, water head ... ... Ball ( ball ), holes and other exercise ball, floating ball, toy ball ... )

3, ultrasonic welding mode

Principle: ultrasonic plastic welding machine principle is produced by the generator high voltage, high frequency signal, using energy welding head ( HOM ) transfer to the plastic processing objects, through the workpiece surface and internal molecular friction between the plastic contact surface to generate high temperature, at the moment to make plastic joints quickly dissolved, exchange, in a second complete fusion process.

Application: widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, auto parts, plastic toys, stationery, handicrafts, cosmetics and other industries.

In 4, high frequency welding method

Principle: high frequency welding machine main principle is from the tube oscillator generates a high frequency electric field plastic polar molecular torsion repeated to generate friction heat, so as to achieve the purpose of weld.

Application: a variety of polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ) consisting mainly of plastic, which are products of footwear, trademarks, stickers, raincoat, rain, an umbrella sail, purses, handbags, beach bags, stationery, famous brand, inflatable toys, water, steam, locomotive seat cushion, shade panels, door panels, special hard vacuum packaging.

5, hot melt welding mode

Principle: directly through the heating plate for heating element for heating, dissolving, reach the riveting or metal implant purposes

Application : suitable for screw implants and heat riveting. Such as switch, mobile phone, all kinds of electronic products.


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